Since 1993, IPS has transitioned:

  • More than two hundred pilots to the GIV, G300 and G400
  • More than one hundred pilots to the GV and G350-G450-G500-G550
  • A number of Global Express, Global 5000 and Global XRS pilots, with one of the best teams assembled to support the BBD700, Global and Global Vision products.
  • ips

    IPS transition service is the only program which is:

  • Developed and continuously updated by a flight instructor (FAA CFII-ME)
  •  Developed in accordance with FITS (FAA/Industry Training Standards), using the latest  concepts and methodology available to CFI’s for learner centered, scenario based transition to General Aviation’s latest Technically Advance Aircraft.
  • Delivered in more countries and regions than any other non-OEM provider, including:
  • North America Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, South America

    Includes optional checklists (where appropriate) and SOPs (IS-BAO compliant) and manuals (as required) developed by a CFII-ME / TRI and an IBAC accredited IS-BAO safety auditor.

    In cases where a flag or operator requires lengthy transition programs (typical with first type in country, or first commercial type in country), IPS has a cadre of pilots to attend to longer delivery projects and ensure that transition is thorough, standardized and in step with OEM recommendations. To date we have performed such activities in:

    China, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Europe (Commercial Operators), US and Canada (non-US Commercial Operators), Southeast Asia (both Commercial and non-Commercial Operators)

    IPS has been approved (as TRI) by both major flight training agencies to conduct / oversee the landings required by EASA for the addition of GV (and G350-550) to EASA license holders.

    IPS has been approved by a number of countries to provide examiner services for flight proficiency checks and type rating examinations on the Gulfstream family of products from G1159 (G3) to G550.