In 1998, NBAA and IBAC (International Business Aviation Council) perceived the need for a Quality Assurance / Safety standard (ala ISO-9000); albeit, purpose built to the needs of the international business aviation community. The key element of IS-BAO is a Safety Management System or SMS, required by ICAO for all operators accessing airspace other than their own (any international operation by aircraft of any flag) since November 2010.

Clients first determine whether IPS’s role is to consult or audit, as the Auditor Code of Conduct does not allow us to perform both roles.

If Consulting, IPS can assist your department in developing effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and Risk Management strategies and processes, including crucial metrics like Safety Performance Indicators with Lower Consequence Indicators, which will help you keep your SMS simple and practical.

If auditing, our VP Ops, is one of several dozen auditors able to travel to any part of the world for IS-BAO Audits. Our full audit team covers all three levels of IS-BAO, as well as Maintenance, Fixed and Rotary Wing Operations.

Bermuda, Cayman Islands and other flags have chosen to adopt IS-BAO as their de facto method of compliance. While other standards might be considered, operators have to pay their civil aviation authorities to audit any standard other than IS-BAO.

The US GAO (Government Accounting Office) has already indicated that IS-BAO is the preferred Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) towards meeting the ICAO SMS requirement. The FAA will also likely adopt IS-BAO as its preferred AMC.

Expert Services

IPS has provided “Expert” testimony before national and international governing bodies, specializing in CRM and training aspects of casualty, both in the US and Europe.  

Additionally, we have also presented “Expert” testimony in litigation and arbitration in the US and Europe.